We have expertise to test applications in different domains, the ability to learn new domains fast and understand their unique quality requirements.


  • Handling diverse user-base for different devices, connectivity, usability.
  • Considering cultural, language, and geo-political sensitive issues.
  • Validating 3rd party integrations/dependencies (e.g. email/mobile providers, payment sources).
  • Considering different user preferences for privacy and security.
  • Validating A/B test experiments for functional and measurement.
  • Testing Slow rollout to different markets.
  • Considering cases for virality and user engagements.
  • Allowing user feedback and handling offensive content.

Payment Applications

  • Verifying different types of payment methods - PayPal, CC, Bank Wire.
  • Handling various failed cases - invalid info, blocked card, insufficient fund.
  • Handling different types of cards.
  • Making sure payment informations are handled securely.
  • Checking local tax and online payment regulations.
  • Handling different currencies.


  • New advertiser experience.
  • Launching new campaign successfully.
  • Maintaining / updating campaigns.
  • Power user (big publishers) experience.
  • Validating the delivery of the ad on different interfaces.
  • Validating the key measurements (impressions, clicks, conversions etc) of the ad/campaign.
  • Payment flows, integration with eCommerce Stores.
  • Validating logging for compliance and audit.
  • Fast escalations to minimize revenue-impact.

Virtual Reality

  • Functional and compatibility testing of VR apps/games on different VR headsets.
  • Testing 3D pictures/video/audio for latency.
  • Checking UI for distortion, Judder, Graphics, VR sickness.
  • User experience checks like loss of awareness, eye strain, seizures.
  • Checking behavior with popular Controllers and Gamepads.
  • Do Stress Tests, Heat tests, Battery usage tests etc.
  • Testing 3D pictures/video/AUDIO for latency Testing applications for motion/VR sickness Checking UI for distortion, Judder.

Video Applications

  • Validating different types of the videos with different encoders.
  • Validating quality of the video playback on different screen-sizes and devices.
  • Be able to control the video/audio playback using different controls/remotes.
  • Streaming content over different network bandwidth.
  • Testing on low-end devices.
  • Capture camera/video performance numbers by market/device/network speed to give helpful insights.


  • Testing on different devices and different connectivity for responsiveness and quality.
  • Checking with different encoders.
  • Measuring voice/video quality with different bandwidth (Wifi vs 2G, 3G, 4G).
  • Integration with address books.
  • Handling different country codes.
  • Testing group calling.
  • Testing for various device/system interruptions.
  • Checking outside-network calling

Triage Support

  • Quickly scan through top issues.
  • Grouping the problems and prioritize them based on impact.
  • Troubleshooting with limited information and identify reproducible steps.
  • Follow up with bug reporters for more information and keeping them posted with the status.
  • Identifying top issues to address to push for better quality and high user satisfaction.

Preload Apps Testing

  • Validating custom solutions and functional checks before the release.
  • Validating out-of-box experience - sign up, updates to latest app, user permissions.
  • Compatibility and integration with other applications.
  • Measuring battery usage.
  • Considering various cases for different markets and providers.
  • Collaborating with OEM Teams and communicating issues/fixes.

Feature Phone / SMS

  • Testing applications on non-touch devices for accessing different UI and entering data.
  • Making sure all types of supported contents are handled properly.
  • Validating application works on different screen-sizes.
  • Localized content is handled properly on different devices.
  • Links in SMS and Email are actionable.
  • Usability testing of the application.