Get Started

We work fast to build qualified offshore or onsite teams, setup right processes & communication for optimal efficiency so that you can get your Dedicated Quality Team setup and running quickly.

Team Setup

  • Quickly identify competent resources based on the projects.
  • Fast onboarding with minimal information.
  • Single point of contact for status, priorities, goals, and brainstorming solutions.
  • Set clear ownership and accountability of each individual in the team.
  • Set up necessary buddy-system for collaboration, backups and addressing spikes in load.


  • Daily updates on coverage and issues that need attention.
  • Weekly updates with summary of overall coverage, challenges, plan for upcoming priorities.
  • Available, responsive and flexible on ad-hoc asks.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Friendly and easy to work with.
  • Not afraid to escalate issues, seek clarifications, make suggestions.

Dedicated Onsite & Offshore Resources

We can setup the right onshore and offshore teams that will allow the QA process, prioritizations and escalations to be smooth and efficient.


  • Work very closely with the product teams to understand the challenges and priorities.
  • Define detailed test plans, Set priorities for the offshore resources.
  • Triage the findings from the offshore team and escalate actionable issues.
  • Ensure smooth hand-off to Offshore team for new features.


  • Executing the plan and provide actionable bug/feedback.
  • Follow up on each asks with clear, concise, and timely response.
  • Be product expert for efficient execution, actionable reports, and minimal bounce backs. Provide detailed reports.