We have all popular OS/Browser/Devices available in house that can help you get confidence to release to the user-base that is important for you.


We care deeply about the user experience no matter where your users are located and what mobile and carrier they use. We can provide coverage on a wide variety of OS/OEM combinations along with different carriers and have 100s of different devices in-house to conduct the testing. We can also work efficiently with hosted device platforms to get global coverage. We will get you the right quality signals that can help address platform/OS specific issues:

  • Clearly identify OS/device specific issues.
  • Test different Form Factors to identify important UI issues.
  • Test with OS Beta versions to identify potential issues before OS upgrades.
  • Make suggestions for Platform Parity to ensure uniform user experience.


We have all popular wearables in-house (Apple Watch, Android Watch, VR Gears etc.) and we can test the functional behavior, identify UI and sync issues. We can even cover compatibility issues across different versions.


We have the web experience for your product covered too!! We will ensure right experience for web users across Mac/Win/Linux systems with all popular browsers. We can use Browserstack or similar products to test specific versions.

  • Identify pages with long load times on certain browsers.
  • Can use Browserstack or similar products to test specific versions.
  • Identify browser specific issues clearly for faster fixing.

Sensors / Custom Devices

We have the ability and flexibility to adapt to any special testing needs and can learn/work fast to create the write environment and tests for your product.

  • Setup isolated/secure environments.
  • Check integration with Sensors, 3rd party devices to test ingestion of data.
  • Setup custom labs/environments for specific testing needs.